Woodcraft Motorcycle Engine Case Covers

motorcycle engine case covers

Engine Covers

Motorcycle engine case covers are designed to add strength, protect your motorcycle and look great. Woodcraft covers are meticulously designed and hardened to keep any damages from a fall at bay. These parts are the lead products when it comes to securing the left and right sides of a street bike motorcycle.

Replaceable Skid Pads

Woodcraft Case Covers features replaceable skid pads in both stainless steel (for racing durability & ground clearance) or Double Thick Aluminum (street looks with extra thick protection).

Internally Bolted

A Woodcraft exclusive! These O-ring sealed bolts make sure that a spill will not leave you drilling out mounting bolts that were ground smooth in the crash. Exceptional seal locking capability provided with every set ordered.

Attention to Detail

These motorcycle engine case covers get the extra attention needed to make them lightweight and great looking. Enjoy a stylish look while having the peace of mind to let it rip on the asphalt.

Customizable With Patented Replaceable Skid Pads!

Any cover can be ordered with any skid pad; choose a unique color to make your bike stand out to match your color scheme. Pick an option against the ideal background for your bike.

motorcycle engine case cover

“I crashed & my bike slid for more than 300′. The cover held up so well that I haven’t even replaced the skid plate …Definitely money well spent” – Mike Simmons

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