Our Story

Our family of motorcycle enthusiasts and racers have a deep rooted passion for everything on two wheels. We sought to funnel this passion into an organization we call Moto Race Addicts (MRA) where we can share and support riders of all types. We purpose to extend this passion for motorcycles with others who share in this same love by providing a service based on family values. We are a business that takes a high regard for people. Whether you are a new rider, thinking about throwing a leg over a bike one day, or the experienced rider with years under the belt ‘You Are Family’ to us.

Motorcycles have become a generational culture for us and we stand firm to support that culture. Out of the 200 million adults (2011) in the United States, there are only 4% who ride a motorcycle. Though few in number we share a bond that will live in us forever. We are a group amongst groups, riders that seek each other out for the coveted love of two wheeled performance. This burning sensation to ride is something we all have. Shared with others in our endeavors is what we at MRA relate to as family. MRA is an organization focused on energizing that passion by making available quality gear and parts needed to enjoy the ride.

We are a newly based business with a focus that is customer driven. Solidifying your relationship with Moto Race Addicts is something we aim as a #1 priority. The goal of our relationship is to ensure our motorcycle brethren are happy not only with the products we provide but to the service given. We welcome you to our passion, our love, our Family.

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Jesse - Owner & CEO

Mark - Customer Relations & COO

Josh - Cus Sup

Elijah - Design

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